PRODUCT REVIEW – Essence My Must Haves Palette and Eyeshadow Refills

PRODUCT REVIEW – Essence My Must Haves Palette and Eyeshadow Refills

Welcome back to my blog sweeties!

Today I have a review and some swatches of the new Essence ‘My Must Haves’ palette and eyeshadow refills. I went ahead and bought an 8-pan palette from my nearest Clicks Pharmacy and here is my take on the product.


The actual palette

There are two palettes to pick from – a 4-pan and a 8-pan palette. Being my practical-self I purchased the 8-panned palette. The palette is made from a firm but light plastic casing. I was expecting it to be heavier but it is quiet light which is perfect for travel! The empty 8-pan palette retails at R45 and the 4-pan palette is R35 (on Takealot.com for just R33)

Essence ‘my must haves’ palette
Essence ‘my must haves’ palette
Essence ‘my must haves’ palette

My chosen eyeshadows

Essence released 20 ‘my must haves’ eyeshadows. These are soft powder eyeshadows and simply click into your ‘my must haves’ palette. They retail for R34,95 for each eyeshadow at 1,7g each. (I saw Takealot.com has them for R33 – Yay!)


I only picked out 8 shades of my favourite shadows and they are as follows:

  • 01 coral dream – a soft satin blush in a coral
  • 02 all i need – almost metallic light brown
  • 03 miss foxy roxy – shimmer brown colour
  • 05 cotton candy – a soft pink shimmer shade
  • 07 mauvie-time – a soft matt mauve brown shade
  • 09 chilli vanilli – a beautiful off-white shade
  • 10 apricotta – a very light peach shimmer shade
  • 11 stay in coral bay – a beautiful shimmer coral shade

These are stunning shades and as you can see, I love the more peachy-brown colours. The shimmer colours would be good for highlighting the face. There are some beautiful matt colours and stunning metallic-like shades. My favourites are definitely – miss foxy roxy, mauvie-time and stay in coral bay.

Essence My must haves
Essence ‘my must haves’ Eyeshadows Swatches

My review

I was a bit disappointed that they were not magnetic pans and the plastic does give it a cheap feel, however, with such a good price who could argue. I am very pleased with how soft the eyeshadows are and how easily they blend. I love the fact that you can customise your own palette to suit your own taste and needs.

I also find these shades quite unique. They are very soft and buildable. There are so many beautiful options to choose from! Check out the Essence website for more.

I would recommend this to anyone who likes a bargain or is on a budget. If you’re looking for something easy and for every day this is perfect!



Thanks for reading! Hope this helped you make a discussion to pick up these eyeshadows. Comment below if you bought these and what you thought of them 🙂

Stay sweet xxx

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SweetP – Monthly Wishlist (AUGUST)

AUGUST WISHLIST 2017 (Essence, Cotton On, Swiitch Beauty, Mr Price and Cliniqu)

Hello, my sweeties!

I cannot believe we are almost done with July and heading into August! This year is just flying by! Today I wanted to put a list of goodies I’ve been eying out lately. Perhaps I buy one these during the month of August… We will have to wait and see. I love to see posts like these, so I hope you enjoy these.

*Disclaimer – The photographs used in this post are not my own. I have attached links to their respective sites next to or under each picture.*

Number 5 – Essence ‘Out of Space Stories’ Nail Polish in 01 ‘outta space is the place’

01 outta space is the place (Essence Out of Space Stories Nail Polish)

This polish by Essence is from their new collection ‘Out of Space Stories’. Anyone who knows me personally, knows I love anything about outer space. I love tv shows and movies about space! Anyways, when I saw these in Clicks I knew I had to put this on my August wish list. This shade is a beautiful pearly, almost holographic white. I love it! I can’t wait to get my paws on it!

This retails at R44.95.

Number 4 – Swiitch Beauty #METALGLOSSRANGE

Swiitch Beauty #METALGLOSSRANGE 10 piece face and eyes brush set

How beautiful are these brushes! I first saw these on Instagram and I knew these would be a good buy! I enjoy supporting local businesses! In short, this is a 10 piece face and eye brushes. I love that they are cruelty-free. Check these brushes out here and their website here.

These retail at R450.00.

Number 3 – Cotton On Pyjamas – GALAXY DREAMS BLACK

Sticking to the ‘space’ theme – how stunning are these?! I saw this set at Cotton On Brooklyn last month already and I’ve just been dying to get my hands on them! Maybe with the End of Season Sales, I can still get hold of them. [holding thumbs]



These retail at R299.00 each.

Number 2 – Mr Price Home: Copper pieces

I really love the copper/metal accents in homeware lately. My favourite place to get homeware in South Africa has to be Mr Price Home. Here are a few items on my list:

I really love the copper/metal accents in homeware lately. My favourite place to get homeware in South Africa has to be Mr Price Home. Here are a few items on my list:


Matte Wire Utility Medium (R129,99)


Metal Wire Hanging Pendant (R399.99)


Metal Urban Clock (R179.99)

Marseille Chair

Marseille Chair (R5,000.00)

Punched Metal Hurrican

Punched Metal Hurricane (R79.99)

These are stunning pieces and budget friendly! Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest for more inspiration.

Number 1 – Clinique ‘All About Eyes’

Clinique – all about eyes

My number one wish list item for August has to be a beauty product. I really struggle with dark circles and puffy eyes. I know that with enough sleep and drinking water does help these issues, however, sometimes a girl needs some extra help! This is where Clinique’s ‘all about eyes’ can help. This cream/gel formula is lightweight and is said to sit perfectly under makeup. The reviews look amazing! It may be a pricey buy but definitely a worthy one!

This item retails at R465,00.

So that’s it my sweets!! I hope you enjoyed this post! Have a stunning week!


40 Days till Spring Day

Today marks 40 days till Spring Day; September 1st. I don’t know about you guys but I’m ready to say goodbye to winter!

With all the late night snacks, the yummy hit chocolate and the high-carb soups – I must say my jeans are feeling a bit too snug. So I’ve decided to start my 40-day countdown with a workout. Time to get ready for Spring! Starting with the inside, for 40days I’m going to do something active everyday. Today I’m going to do a 30 minute cardio session – a power session on the treadmill.

Being a student teacher, I have a bit more time to myself; so after school today I’m going to head onto my treadmill.

For my body type, cardio and high-intensity interval training is the best fat-burning methods. Running, cycling on my stationary bike and my Nike Training Club App are my best go-to methods. Paired with clean eating, I get the best results.

I believe anyone can do it, it just takes motivation and determination. So let’s get ready for this summer! Get motivated and just do it!

Throughout my 40 days, I will post some ideas on what you can try, workouts, fitspo (fitness inspiration) and my progress.

Happy Humpday 😉

BeautyBulletin Post: Lamour X-Treme

Hello fellow beauties!

Whenever I get an itch to go shopping, I often like to do some online research first – especially when it comes to beauty products. One of my favourite places for South African beauty product reviews is Beauty Bulletin.com.

ttp://www.beautybulletin.com/carlahp10/). My first product review was for L’Amour X-treme Brushes – a blush brush in size 804.

Lamour Qingni804
L’Amour Qingni 804

You can check out my review – X-treme Brushes Qingni 804 – but basically this blush brush is affordable (R49.00 at the Pick n Pay in my area) however, it is not a quality buy. The brush is soft, but is not great for applying and blending bluch product. I’ve use it a number of times now, and it has an awesome feel but doesn’t distribute the product well.

Safe to say, I think I’ve learnt my lesson… I hope. No more random spending for me!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post 🙂 have you tried this beauty tool? What did you think about it?


Until next time

x C


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